D-Aspartic Acid: Does It Boost Testosterone?

D-Aspartic Acid Boost TestosteroneIf you want to build muscle and improve your libido, you need to ensure you take care of the well known hormone called testosterone.  Most people know this, but don’t know the first thing about improving and maintaining levels of testosterone.  Various ways of supplementing testosterone levels exist, and on this website, I talk mainly about doing this with natural testosterone supplements.  Among the top three supplements I recommend, there is a trend towards having what I call “The Four Horsemen” of ingredients, and as you probably guessed, one of them is D-Aspartic acid.

What Exactly Is D-Aspartic Acid?

Having several functions in the human body, amino acids are molecules that act as building blocks of all protein types in addition to a specific set of hormones and neurotransmitters.

 There are two different forms of amino acids, L-Aspartic, and D-Aspartic.   While they share the same formula chemically, they are structured molecularly to be mirror images of one another.  You’ll often hear them called “right” or “left” handed.

L-aspartic acid is used to build proteins, and it’s produced both in your body, and in nature in general.  Conversely, D-aspartic acid’s main purpose is to produce and release hormones in the body and it does not have any role in building protein.  D-aspartic acid also releases more hormones to the brain that end up being crucial in producing more testosterone.  But that’s not all, it also increases T production and release in the testicles.

These proven facts (sources of my studies are linked below this article) are some of the reasons makers of test boosters are using D-aspartic acid in their pills, and a large reason why my research points to pills being made with this ingredient as ones that I recommend.

D-Aspartic Acid Dosage

2.6 – 3 grams per day are often cited in controlled studies as the dosage recommended, although it’s produced mixed results up to this point.  At 3 grams per day, younger men who are inactive have shown to be effective.

D-Aspartic Acid Effects on Testosterone

Clinical, controlled studies showing any improvement in testosterone is sparse, contradicting, and argued. Some studies have shown an increase in testosterone in men who aren’t active, but in ones who were active, there weren’t any studies done on men, or animals, showing improvement.  Other studies have mixed results and if you read the second link below, they state that testing isn’t conclusive either way.

For now, formulators are taking the positive research and scientific proof and using that as the basis of using D-aspartic acid in their bodybuilding supplements.

D-Aspartic Acid Side Effects

There are no known side effects of D-aspartic acid at this point in time.

In Summary

There’s a reason many before and after pics are being posted from people using test supplements using this ingredient.  There’s also a reason its’ being included in these formulas, like this product,  by the top supplement formulators in the world.

When formulated with other ingredients that promote healthy testosterone levels, there’s a solid chance your own testosterone levels can be boosted by supplementing your diet plan with D-aspartic acid and other ingredients.

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