What are the Major Hormones in Men?

The reproductive system for men thrives because it’s dependent upon numerous hormones and chemicals to take certain actions. These chemicals and hormones are produced by a number of different glands throughout the body as they circulate throughout the system.

These hormones have different names. Some of them are considered tropic hormones, which lead to the release of other hormones. And the body also produces various hormones that provide numerous effects on the systems of the body, our organs, our emotional well-being, and how the body produces semen.

Men are different than women because we do not go through a cyclical hormone cycle once a month. Our hormone levels are consistent and stay relatively the same throughout our reproductive years.

male hormones

Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone

Looked upon as a master hormone, this tropic hormone is produced by the hypothalamus, which is a section of the human brain. It’s not directly responsible for characteristics of male sexual behavior, but it does play an important role, because it releases two critical hormones that are a necessary part of the reproductive system for men.

Follicle Stimulating Hormone

The anterior pituitary is the section of the brain that produces this hormone. It’s called a follicle stimulating hormone and it’s an active ingredient found in the reproductive systems of men and women. The name is derived from the way that it takes action in females since men do not produce follicles. This hormone is responsible for mature egg development in women and it also is derived from the testes in men to create sperm. When the anterior pituitary is stimulated by gonadotropin releasing hormones, the brain will begin producing more of it.

Luteinizing Hormone

Similar to follicle stimulating hormone, this hormone is also released after the anterior pituitary gland is stimulated by the gonadotropin releasing hormone. Also similarly, it’s an important part of the female reproductive cycle. In fact, men never experience luteinization, which is when the ovary releases a mature egg during the ovulation cycle.


This is a male dominant hormone that is made in the testicles of men. Testosterone is created and then it enters into the circulatory system in healthy concentrations to enhance the reproductive cycle of men. It’s also produced in an effort to maintain male secondary sexual characteristics including body and facial hair, musculature, enlarged genitals, a deep voice, and a thickened larynx. It also plays a role in boosting the male sex drive and it stimulates the production of sperm in conjunction with the follicle stimulating hormone.  For this reason, many people are flocking to supplements that boost testosterone naturally.


This hormone is produced in the testes by cells that maintain responsibility for monitoring the maturation and health of sperm cells. If the male reproductive system has too many active sperm cells and the levels are too high, the testicles then release inhibin to provide more nutrients for the sperm. The inhibin will travel into the bloodstream directly to the brain to prevent gonadotropin releasing hormones from being released. This will slow down the sperm production cycle when necessary. It’s an important mechanism that helps to maintain consistency of concentrated levels of male hormones.

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