L-Citrulline Malate:

This gives the body a way to help absorb and use the Testofen at optimal levels.  It’s helped provide a quicker recovery time, boost aerobic performance, and help relieve sore muscles.  I hadn’t ever seen this ingredient prior to looking into the Nugenix male supplement,

This amino acid has been contained to basically help the body absorb and use Testofen better. It has been proven to help the body recover quicker from workouts, provide boosts to aerobic performance and relieve muscle soreness (study). I have actually not come across L-Citrulline malate before and this was an interesting find for me. However, I cannot find any evidence to suggest that it has any impact on testosterone levels.  My research did show that L-Citrulline Malate does not increase testosterone (Source), but that it does help with erections and athletic performance, so in that respect, I can see why this ingredient is used.

Vitamin B6 and B12:

These two vitamins have been showing up in many testosterone boosters, so I also dug into “why” as there had to be a reason.  Vitamin B6 promotes androgen production, which in turn makes your testosterone levels rise, so indirectly it will have a benefit for you.  I didn’t find any information supporting Vitamin B12 and an increased testosterone level, but perhaps someone can comment with any sources if they bump into some, and I’ll gladly update this Nugenix review.




Now we’re talking!  Zinc is proven to increase testosterone levels as I mentioned previously.  The dosage level is 1mg and that’s very small, so don’t expect much help from zinc being in this product.

Looking at this formula, it’s pretty disappointing for me.  While seeing Zinc is great, the small amount just doesn’t make this a top tier test booster.

Nugenix Side Effects

With low amounts of natural ingredients that shouldn’t harm you anyway, I can’t see any reason this testosterone booster isn’t safe.  You shouldn’t see any harmful Nugenix side effects but contact your medical professional if you are unsure about it interacting with anything you currently are prescribed.

User Results

There are many mixed reviews on this product on the web.

Nugenix Free Trial Complaints

Like any mass marketed product that has television commercials, Nugenix complaints are out there for everyone to see.  I don’t know what percentage of people aren’t happy, but you’ll see a few complaints that escalated to RipOffReport.  Most of the people making noise are mad about the free trial and saying they were being re-billed without their consent.  Make sure you read the fine print when you purchase any “free trial” product.  If you are entering in your credit card, there is a reason for this.

So Does Nugenix Really Work?

I haven’t used it, and can only point to what I know.  What I know is that there are more powerful formulas out there.  My Mom used to teach me that karma comes around, so I don’t want to say anything bad that may come back through the atmosphere to hurt me.  I’ll let you be the judge if you want to order Nugenix and find out.  Be my guest.

Where to buy Nugenix

You can buy Nugenix testosterone supplements at many places.  The TV ad gives you a number to send a text to.  They are also for sale at GNC and other stores.  I can’t keep track of them but they definitely have a distribution network set up.