Does TestoGen Work?


    I have always been a healthy, and active man. As I started to age, I realized my mental and physical health was not as good as in the past. Have you experienced something similar?

    After a lot of questions and frustration, I learned the reason was my declining levels of testosterone. My levels impacted my focus, interest, and even my sexual performance. Are you suffering from the same issues?

    I was mortified when I realized I was also gaining weight for the first time in my life. This was when I knew I had to make some changes. After extensive research, I discovered a supplement called Testogen, and I put it to the test against two of the other supplements I researched.  I  encourage you to view them as well, but stay on this page if you are looking for my full TestoGen review experience, because I spent a lot of time on it.

    TestoFuel review (best for serious muscle building ONLY.)

    Prime Male Review (best overall if you can afford it.)

    After studying ingredients and consulting with more than a dozen health websites like WebMD and the Mayo Clinic, I found this to be was one of the best supplements for boosting my testosterone levels to improve my focus, stamina and sexual performance, not to mention it has the best price point out of any of the best supplements designed for improving T.

One of the reasons I decided to try TestoGen is the supplement is 100 percent natural. TestoGen has also been shown to increase the level of testosterone in men. The company manufacturing the product is called Wolfson Berg Ltd.

The company is based in Cyprus and the United Kingdom. Only FDA approved facilities are used to manufacture the product. All of the ingredients are safe, and have been approved.

Originally, I was unsure exactly what to expect from Testogen because there are so many supplements currently available. Once I started my research, I immediately eliminated many of the other products.

I am not interested in time consuming or messy powders, products with questionable ingredients, or anything with a lot of chemicals. I refuse to put anything like that into my body.

TestoGen contains only natural ingredients, is a reliable brand, and the capsules are easy to take. The first thing I noticed was I gained muscle in about two weeks. I consume a healthy diet, and have committed to an exercise regime.

I noticed my muscles rebounded more quickly after a workout, my energy level increased, and there was a definite difference in my libido. Since I used TestoGen according to the instructions, I knew my results were guaranteed.

As I started realizing what to expect from TestoGen, I began recommending the product to some of my friends with the same issues. All of us experienced sharper focus, and better overall health within two to three weeks.

I started to see myself differently. As I lost the excess weight, my confidence level became stronger. I had the energy to go hiking, running, and play football with my friends again. These are activities I gave up on years ago due to a lack of energy.

As my libido was enhanced, my sexual encounters were just better. I accomplished all of this by boosting my testosterone levels with a product I knew was safe and effective.

As the human body starts to age, the testosterone level decreases due to a natural process. If you are curious about what your expected level should be, check out my page on testosterone levels broken down by age.  

When you are under a lot of pressure, anxiety or stress, this process is accelerated.

You may have noticed the same accumulation of body fat I did, in addition to the noticeable drop in self-confidence. TestoGen was created to help reverse this process through the use of 11 carefully selected ingredients.

The product helps increase your overall strength and stamina to enable you to reach your full potential. One of the first things I noticed was the elimination of fatigue. I had the energy to do what I wanted, and started to feel really good.

After just a few weeks, not only was I going to the gym more frequently, but I was also able to work out for a longer period of time. My workouts improved along with my levels of concentration and focus.

I was following the manufacturer’s instructions, eating healthy, and working out, but nothing else had changed. Despite living almost the exact same life, I was noticing new improvements every week.


The ingredients in TestoGen are natural and safe. The 11 ingredients chosen for the product increase your testosterone level easily and safely. The combination of the ingredients in TestoGen helps you live a more energetic and healthy life.

Red Ginseng Extract:

Red Ginseng has the ability to stimulate your libido in addition to protecting you from dioxin damage. The result is an improved mood, increased focus, and stronger erections.

red ginseng

Nettle Leaf Extract:

There is a type of protein in your body called sex hormone binding globulin. Your testosterone binds to this protein. This means your testosterone is no longer able to move freely throughout your body.

Nettle leaf frees your testosterone my binding to this hormone to increase muscle strength and libido.

nettle leaf


Zinc has been shown to increase the level of testosterone in men in addition to helping reverse hypogonadism. This condition prevents your body from producing enough testosterone. Zinc also helps you produce healthy sperm.


Vitamin K1:

Vitamin K1 ensures your bones remain healthy and strong. Vitamin K1 also helps you absorb more vitamin D, which is also important for your body. This means your body will receive all of the benefits provided by vitamin D.

vitamin k 1

Fenugreek Extract:

This ingredient has the ability to increase both your strength and vitality. Fenugreek also increases your insulin release to help improve your testosterone level, libido and muscle growth.


Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 is necessary for your body for numerous important functions. Vitamin B6 assists with androgen growth. Androgens are hormones your body requires for reproduction. The result is boosting your testosterone level.

Vitamin B6 also helps your body produce serotonin. Serotonin is a contributing factor for increasing your energy levels, promoting overall wellbeing, and improving your mood.

vitamin b 6


Boron is found in the soil in addition to foods including raisins, kidney beans and walnuts. Your testosterone level can be significantly increased with just a little boron.


Vitamin D:

Vitamin D will help increase your testosterone level within your body. Once you body has more testosterone available, your conversion of testosterone into estrogen will be reduced.

vitamin d


Magnesium will help you produce more testosterone, and assist with your biochemical reactions. The result is an improvement in your overall health.

All of these minerals and vitamins are essential for your body. Unfortunately, as your body begins to age, your levels will decrease. Eating different types of foods will not increase your levels.

The best way to maintain the correct levels of minerals and vitamins in your body is by using TestoGen. Once your body has the proper amounts of minerals and vitamins, your testosterone level will start to increase.

You will notice a tremendous difference in the way your body performs, and how you feel. As long as you use the prescribed TestoGen dosage, the product is completely safe.

D-Aspartic Acid:

D-Aspartic Acid

This ingredient is important when considering the question of how does TestoGen work because it regulates your amino acids. Your body can then create the luteinizing hormone.

D-Aspartic acid assists your reproductive system for the stimulation of your testosterone production. The ingredient was also included to increase your libido, stamina and muscle mass.

TestoGen offers you a wide range of benefits including boosting your levels of testosterone, and improving your quality of life. The best part is the product works both safely and naturally.

As long as you follow the manufacturer’s directions, you will not experience any negative side effects. In addition to enhancing your level of testosterone, TestoGen provides numerous benefits for different health aspects.

testogen Benefits

Some of the best benefits you can expect to receive by using TesTogen are detailed below.

Benefit #1:  Helping Your Body Establish and Maintain Higher Free Testosterone Levels:

When you testosterone does not bind to SHBG, it is referred to as free testosterone. Once bound, your body is unable to use your testosterone. TestoGen contains specific supplements and herbs to help prevent your testosterone from binding to SHBG.

Once your free testosterone is maximized, your body can use it for numerous purposes such as building muscle mass, and increasing your concentration and focus.

Benefit #2: Enhancing Sex Drive and Libido:

The herbs in TestoGen have been used for centuries to restore damaged libido, and enhancing the desire to have sex.

Benefit #3: Increasing Stamina and Energy:

Once your stamina and energy increase, you will be able to work out more frequently and harder. Your energy will last for the entire day to promote better sexual health.

Benefit #4:  Enhancing Erection Frequency and Quality:

TestoGen will improve the frequency and quality of your erections. The result is a noticeable improvement in your sex life.

Benefit #5:  Burning Excess Body Fat:

A lot of the herbs in TestoGen help improve your metabolism. This enables your body to more effectively burn excess fat. I read numerous reviews stating one of the results was fat loss. I myself have lost the annoying excess fat I accumulated with age.

Benefit #6:  Building Your Lean Muscle Mass:

One of the best ways to build your lean muscle is a combination of enhanced free testosterone and energy levels. TestoGen will help you with both as opposed to using dangerous and illegal steroids.

Benefit #7:  Improving Your Quality of Sleep:

Some of the supplements I have tried in the past actually caused insomnia. In contract, TestoGen improved the quality of my sleep.

Benefit #8:  Improving Your Recovery Time:

Using TestoGen decreased my recovery period between workouts. This is critical for burning fat, improving strength, and building muscle. Ensuring your body receives enough rest is also important.

There are 120 capsules in each bottle of TestoGen. According to the official website, you need to take four capsules per day. The recommendation is to take your dosage approximately 20 minutes before you eat breakfast.

You need to make certain not to exceed the recommended dosage. TestoGen is appropriate for all men age 18 or above. If you are using medications, your should consult with your physician before you take the product.

In some instances, certain medications can interact with supplements. The effect of your medication can be amplified, or you may experience undesirable side effects. Eventually, your body will adapt to any supplement you are using.

If you use TestoGen month after month with no break, your body will become accustomed to the product. Unfortunately, this means the benefits you are receiving will substantially decrease.

I have found the best way to eliminate this is by using TestoGen for a few months, then discontinuing the product for just a few weeks. Every time I begin using the product again, I continue to receive all of the benefits.

The best reason to use TestoGen is to increase your levels of testosterone. You will notice a lot of difference in both your physical and mental state once your levels have started to increase.

The only place to purchase the product is from the official TestoGen website. You have three different purchase options.

  • One bottle is a one-month supply available for $59.
  • You can purchase two bottles for $119.99, and receive one bottle free for a three-month supply.
  • You can purchase three bottles for $149.95, and receive two bottles free for a five-month supply.

I recommend the five-month supply for two reasons. First, this package will save you the most money. Second, once you start using the product, you will not be happy if you run out.

TestoGen is manufactured using 11 natural and safe ingredients. For this reason, there are no TestoGen side effects provided you follow the instructions on the bottle. The product has been used successfully by individuals all over the world.

The reviews are positive, discussing weight loss, building lean muscle, enhanced libido, better sleep, and a lot more. The ingredients used in the product will not cause your body any harm.

As your body ages, you need the vitamins and minerals included in the product for essential functions. You can maintain the correct levels simply by using the prescribed dosage of the product.

At this time, no TestoGen side effects have ever been reported. This is one of the reasons I stress following the manufacturer’s instructions.

I have always worked out on a regular basis, and consumed a balanced diet. Despite this, I experienced issues with my sexual health as I aged. I have discussed my issues with numerous friends about the same age.

Although we were all experiencing similar issues, we were unwilling to use androgenic steroids. I understand pharmacology, and nutrition too well not to realize the dangerous impact this type of steroid often causes.

Prior to using TestoGen, I researched all of the ingredients contained in the product. I no longer have any doubts these ingredients work incredibly well together. Ginseng is well known for increasing energy levels.

Fenugreek was new to me, but I soon discovered the effect is very similar to testosterone. I already knew vitamin D was important for sexual health. There is a reason TestoGen included zinc.

If your body is not able to absorb the vitamins and minerals, you will net experience the benefits. Zinc increases your absorption rate. Since I do not have the time or inclination to take 11 different supplements, I decided to try TestoGen.

Inside of a couple of months, I noticed an improvement in my physical, mental and sexual health. As I lost weight, the improvement in appearance raised my level of self-confidence.

The reason it took me so long to use TestoGen is I have tried other supplements in the past. My results were negligible at best. TestoGen provided all of the benefits claimed by the manufacturer. In layman’s terms, the product works.


  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Beneficial for energy and mood
  • Easy to Use
  • Boosts production of testosterone
  • Enhances libido
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Fast results


  • Purchase must be made from the official TestoGen website
  • Purchasing one bottle at a time is expensive
  • The TestogGen dosage is four capsules at a time
  • TestoGen is not available over the counter

The effectiveness of TestoGen is due to the specific combination of ingredients. All of the ingredients have been proven to help increase testosterone levels. The way the product is manufactured ensures users receive satisfactory results.

There are no side effects resulting from too much of one ingredient, or ineffective results caused by not enough of another. To achieve the best possible results, use the following tips.

  • Take four capsules at the same time each day. Capsules should always be taken with a meal. The best time to take the capsules is in the morning.
  • If you are taking any medications, consult with your physician before using the product. TestoGen can be taken safely with numerous medications, but speaking with your doctor will ensure there are no dangerous interactions.
  • The quality of your results will improve if you consume a balanced diet, and workout on a regular basis.
  • Younger men under the age of 18 generally have adequate levels of testosterone. Consumption of the product is only safe for men above the age of 18.

The most common TestoGen Questions and FAQ’s are listed below.

Q: Who Should Use Testogen?

A: TestoGen was created for men interested in gaining more muscle mass, or men suffering from the effects of low testosterone. TestoGen was designed to enhance your natural levels of testosterone.

As your body ages, you produce less testosterone every year. After enough years have passed, there is a good chance you will begin noticing the side effects of low testosterone.

You will start to notice your libido is declining, you are losing lean muscle mass, and you are gaining weight. Most men experience weight gain in the waist. At this point, TestoGen becomes very important.

You can use TestoGen for numerous types of situations. Whether you are interested in losing weight, enhancing your libido, or improving your sexual performance, TestoGen is an excellent solution.

TestoGen provides you with essential minerals and vitamins to support your body’s general health.

Q: How Long Does One Bottle of TestoGen Last?

A: Each bottle contains 120 capsules. Since the recommended dosage is four capsules per day, one bottle will last your for 30 days.

Q: Can I have My Shipment Delivered Anywhere in the World?

A: Yes, the product is available for delivery worldwide. The best part is you do not have to pay for shipping.

Q: How Long Do I Have to Wait for Results?

A: The specific period of time is dependent on each individual. In most cases, users begin to see results in approximately two weeks provided you are following a sensible diet and workout program.

Q: Does Testogen Need to be Cycled?

No, cycling the product is not required. You can use TestoGen throughout the year, but your body may adapt to the product. Your best option is using the product for roughly three months, then stopping for about three weeks prior to continuing.

Final Verdict

If you are struggling with increasing muscle mass, losing excess weight, or improving your sexual function, TestoGen is an excellent option. The product helps increase your level of testosterone, and provides a lot of benefits.

You will start to feel more like yourself, notice an increase in energy, more stable moods, and an improvement in your sex life. When used according to the manufacturer’s directions, there are no side effects.

Since all of the ingredients are completely natural, you are not risking the damage often resulting from dangerous steroids. I appreciate knowing the ingredients in the product because I am concerned with what I put into my body.

You will receive an e-book with your purchase explaining the advantages, and functions of each individual ingredient. Understanding how the product works will provide you with peace of mind. All of the information you need is included with your purchase.

I highly recommend using this testosterone boosting pill to boost your testosterone levels, and receive all of the benefits. Do not make the same mistake I did, and wait months to try the product. I encourage you to go to the official TestoGen site now, and order the product.