Does Testosterone Gel Actually Work?

Testosterone Gel​Having low testosterone is something men go through as we age.  It’s a natural part of the aging process that can be treated through diet, supplements, lifestyle changes, and other treatments.  Today I’m going to talk about testosterone gels, which are frequently used to treat lower testosterone levels through a medical condition (versus where most of my site talks about helping the natural loss of T).  This page here is all of my findings, and as always, I cite my resources for any facts I lay out at the bottom of the page.

How Testosterone Gel Works

Used mostly to treat hypogonadism, a medical condition where testosterone levels are extremely low, testosterone gel is one of the medications that are used to assist in correcting this problem.  Disorders of the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and testicles are usually the cause of hypogonadism.  The subsequent low testosterone levels potentially lead to a loss of energy, a lower metabolism, and less active sex drive.

 If you want to know know where your testosterone levels should be for your age, I encourage you to read this page.  

Other Names for Testosterone Gel

You may hear about this being called AndroGel 1.62% or “andro steroids.”AndroGel 1.62%AndroGel 1.62% is among the most popular testosterone gels.

Side Effects of Testosterone Gel

Testosterone therapy does come with it’s risks, and of course, there are risks that come with using testosterone gel.   Perhaps the most dangerous part of using the gel is that anyone could pick up the side effects by inadvertently coming into contact with the area you applied the gel!  For this reason, it’s extremely important that you read about all of the side effects I found that could surface, especially if you are very touchy – feely with your loved ones as this is something that could literally “rub off” on them.  (Finally, some humor.)

Here are the potential testosterone gel side effects:

Testosterone gel may cause:

  • Sporadic headaches
  • Dry skin
  • Acne on your body
  • Hot flashes
  • Sleeplessness (insomnia)
  • Feeling anxious or depressed
  • Sore, weak muscles
  • Drop in libido
  • Lower sperm count

There are more serious symptoms that have a larger impact on your body, including:

  • Pain in the breasts and even larger breasts
  • Pain, frequent, or difficulty urinating
  • Frequent and prolonged erections (is this bad? lol.)
  • Skin turning yellow (jaundice)

Women and Children Interacting With Testosterone Gel

If a female is in your presence, you’ll want to make sure she avoids contact with the application site.  While the odds are very small that she could have something happen, either with direct contact or through clothing, in some rare cases, hair growth can occur.  Also, acne breakouts have been reported.  For this reason, it’s important to stay away from direct contact with the application spot if you are a female.

The risk of effects of testosterone gel in women who accidentally touch the application site directly or through clothing are low. However, side effects can happen. These effects include increased acne and unusual hair growth. If you’re a woman who lives with someone using testosterone gel, it’s important that you avoid all contact with the product.

Children, on the other hand, are in a completely different category because they are very susceptible to the effects of testosterone gel since they are at such a developmental stage in their lives.

What Happens if Children are in Contact With Testosterone Gel?

As a lover of children, let’s just keep them far away from this as possible!  Look at what the devastating effects can be:

  • Entering puberty early
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Anxiety
  • Constant erections
  • Stunted growth
  • Clitoris growth in females
  • Sex Drive running wild

If you are using any gel for testosterone therapy, make sure to store it somewhere children have no access to.

Risk Factors Involved

The good thing about the gel is that it won’t be so dangerous to use being that it won’t pose any risk to your liver, which is a huge concern when people do injections.  On the contrary, it can lead to prostate cancer, which my Grandfather had, and actually beat, but it’s a serious cancer so please talk to your Doctor to look into your own situation.  If your Doctor feels that a gel supplement could pose a risk, they will most likely recommend another way of addressing your problem.

If you suffer from breast cancer, heart disease, sleep apnea, or high levels of red blood cells, you most likely will not be a good candidate for this treatment.  

Further Precautions

  • Always wash your hands before applying.
  • Wherever you apply the gel, make sure it’s dry before getting dressed.  It could transfer to your clothing.
  • Apply the gel before you get dressed to assist with the above.
  • Keep the application area clean, especially if you plan on having contact with others.
  •  If you do happen to have someone touch the area you applied it to, make sure they wash it off as soon as possible.

My Own Conclusion

I’m not a Doctor, and you should consult with yours if you feel you have any signs of hypogonadism.  It’s a serious thing that you’ll need to treat one way or another.  Luckily, I don’t suffer from this and have used supplements, diet, and lifestyle hacks to get my testosterone levels where I want them.

My take on the use of testosterone gel is that the side effects aren’t crazy like they are with therapeutic injections.  However, if you do suffer from any side effects, let them be known to whomever administered your gel use.  You could have an allergic reaction, especially if you already did with testosterone therapy.

The fact that a variety of health issues basically make this option void for many potential users makes this a less popular therapy, and again, this is supposed to be used to treat hypogonadism.  I keep seeing people post pictures on social media of them using this, presumably without any condition, and I do believe that’s highly irresponsible.

For my money, there is nothing better than a natural supplement, a mindset that focuses on strength, rest, and diet, and well, a positive attitude.


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