What are Normal Testosterone Levels in Men By Age?

Normal Testosterone Levels in Men By AgeToday I’m going to go over the normal testosterone levels in men by age.  While I’ve always been one to live by the mantra “age is just a number,” in the case of men’s testosterone levels, this number certainly has some trends that can’t be bucked.  So let’s not waste any time, and I’ll get into some stone cold facts so you are aware of what’s going to happen to your body.

Testosterone Levels in Men Broken Down by Age

As I’ve mentioned in many places in this blog, testosterone is a very important male hormone that influences or boosts a variety of our functions, including energy, muscle mass, sexual drive, ability to produce sperm, and even behavioral stuff like being competitive or aggressive in life and sports.

Conversely, when the levels of testosterone drop, chaos can occur and these same bodily functions can go buck wild, for lack of a better way to say it, but that usually happens much later in life, and there are may ways to avoid this.

testosterone levels by age


Signs of a Declining Testosterone Level in Men

Before you freak out and look too far into the potential outlook that most men face in life, know that even though testosterone is certainly a good thing to have, and it can be very important as an anti aging therapy, the Mayo Clinic states that a drop in levels aren’t necessarily meaning that you are aging.  Having low levels of testosterone isn’t tied to facial wrinkles, sagging skin, and other noticeable ailments particularly, but it can lead to other issues.

Those issues are the converse outcomes of the same ones that having an abundance of T will influence:

  • Your libido
  • ED (erectile dysfunction and even impotence)
  • Ability to get a spontaneous erection
  • Infertility

Testosterone Levels During Various Stages of Life in Men

Men go through three unique stages in life:


Once a female gets pregnant, the development of the fetus is largely influenced by male testosterone, including the reproductive system.  The brain also gets it’s masculine features from testosterone, but the amounts are very small at this point in time in order for the brain to develop in a healthy manner.

Puberty to Early Adult Stage

This is when your testosterone levels start to really kick into high gear.  When boys become men, the testosterone levels have many noticeable influences, such as in a deepened voice, broadening shoulders, and a more defined, masculine facial bone structure.

The University of Rochester Medical Center reports that an adult male in a healthy state of life will have a range of testosterone levels of 280 – 1,100 nanograms per deciliter.  Should you be find that your levels aren’t in that range, you need to find out why, because it could be that you suffer from a condition that you haven’t been diagnosed with yet.

Being sick, having an illness or chronic disease, or disability could affect levels.

What is the Normal Testosterone Level for a 70 Year Old Man?

As you can see in the graphic above, the level starts to drop below 300 and begin a steep, rapid decline as men reach the age of 80.




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