Which Foods Boost Testosterone?

Which Foods Boost Testosterone

If you are looking to increase your testosterone levels in your body, there are many ways to go about it.  Most people think of natural supplement boosters, and of course, testosterone injections

I'll go on record and cite that even Men's Health advises against taking any drugs to boost testosterone, and they were very quick to point out some helpful "hacks" that accentuated my point about eating your way to a more healthy body and hard-working penis.  (I know that may sound hysterical, but let's be honest, it's true!)

Testosterone food is probably the least known, but easiest to implement hack that will help you drive up the levels and maximize hair growth, sperm production, bone health, muscle mass, and sexual health.

Foods Proven to Increase Testosterone

Eating these foods will help be a natural, nutritious way to help you with low T.  As I’ve spoke about in many prior updates on this website, Vitamin D and Zinc are two very crucial precursors for testosterone production.  Accordingly, you’ll find this article geared towards foods that feature these two powerful nutrients.

#1:  Tuna

Being rich in Vitamin D isn’t the only reason tuna is good for you. Tuna is also a low calorie, high protein food that’s also great for your heart.  Consuming tuna has been linked to a longer lifespan, and it’s also delicious no matter what way you choose to prepare it!

tuna fish

#2:  Low Fat Milk

Growing up, my parents made me drink milk to “have strong bones.”  Well, I’ve only had a hairline fracture in the span of my life and I played about every sport known to man, a few of them at very high levels, so I would say Mom knows best!  Well, turns out this is also a great thing to consume to keep your T levels in check, and you get the additional benefit of Vitamin D, protein, and calcium.  Just make sure you are looking at the labels closely because some milks are very high in fat.  Look for one with the label specifically saying “Fortified With Vitamin D.”


#3:  Egg Yolks

There’s a lot of general confusion when it comes to eggs because eggs, especially the yolks, are very high in cholesterol.  If you have a problem with high cholesterol, you should pass on the egg yolks and look to fortify your diet with other foods designed to increase testosterone levels.  However, if you don’t have that issue (always consult a Doctor, please), it’s important to know that the nutrients in the yolks far surpass those of the egg whites.  While egg whites are the en Vogue thing with fit women and bodybuilders, know that the yolks will provide you with all the Vitamin D you need to promote the most important male hormone – testosterone.

egg yolk

#4:  Cereals (Highly Fortified Versions Only)

This is a solid breakfast alternative to eggs if you have a problem with your cholesterol levels. You’ll find a lot of cereals fortified with Vitamin D, well, fortified with Vitamin D!  And by now, you know what that means in terms of test production.  As an added bonus, this is also heart healthy.  Just be sure to read labels and watch the sugar content.


#5: Oysters & Shellfish

Oysters are rich in zinc, which is something your body needs to produce healthy testosterone levels.  Add in the fact that it’s very high in protein, and you’ll see why the Pescatarian Diet is quickly becoming popular with people looking to lose weight and pack on muscle.  As far as lobster and crab go, a small 3 ounce serving can provide you with a whopping 43% of your daily requirement of zinc!  Let’s be honest, nobody stops at just three ounces – so this is a great way to get a lot of zinc into your system and also eat some amazing food!


#6:  Beef

I know most people have a certain stigma about eating beef, and I can personally say that I used to eat way too much of it, but if you focus on the right cuts of beef, you can actually do your body some good while enjoying one of the most tasty proteins known to man.  You’ll find that chuck roast and ground beef have high amounts of zinc, while you can get the Vitamin D if you consume liver.  Since beef processes in your system very slowly, eat beef in moderation and only every so often. I try to consume beef only twice per week, but I know how hard that can be!  Who doesn’t like a good steak?  (I like mine rare at home and Pittsburgh bleu if I’m at a fancy steak house!)


#7: Beans

I watched a documentary on plant-based eating, and not ironically, the bodybuilders that were surveyed in the show relied on beans for protein.  It’s never been a secret that these little workhorses can add protein to a salad, as a side, or mixed in chili, but they also have Vitamin D and zinc.  By now, you know the importance of those, right?


As long as we are talking about how different foods help the male body in respect to performance, let's break this down even further and highlight some foods that you can eat to help you with various functions.  

What to Eat for More Active Sperm

Grapes!  By consuming just 5-10 grape skins, you'll get 500mg grapes and get some seroius help in the form of resveratrol, which is very important to help make your sperm swim! 


What to Drink to Fight Impotence

Men's health reports that drinking pomegranate juice helped a study of 47% of impotent men with their condition.  If it's as easy as drinking juice in order to get hard, sign me up!  It's no wonder my Grandpa always had pomegranate juice in his house!  


What to Eat to Maintain Muscle

While garlic gives you bad breath, and hey, as an Italian, I can't argue with that, it's an amazing food to consume to help you keep your muscles in tact.  Garlic contains a compound called allicin, which breaks down cortisol.  You don't want to have high levels of cortisol in your body because it competes with testosterone in the cells.  

Eat garlic, whether in your food, or in a supplemental pill form.  I actually take the latter to help with my blood pressure.  


Testosterone Boosting Meal Plan

Let's say you want to eat your way to better testosterone levels.  I've come up with a sample meal plan that you can consume that will give you the micronutrients your body needs in order to help you out on this quest.  Of course, talk to your Doctor before doing any special meal plan and do know that this plan may not work for everyone.  However, in tandem with Prime Male Pills, I've made age 37 the best year of my life!

Testosterone Foods You Can Eat For Breakfast

One option you can go with is a fortified cereal, and pour a liberal amount of low fat milk fortified with vitamin D.  

Another breakfast option is three eggs, cooked any way you enjoy them.  Just make sure you keep the egg yolks and don't eat just the whites!  Scroll up if you missed the part about the importance of eating egg yolks!  

Testosterone Foods You Can Eat for Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner are more or less inter changeable, so I decided to group them together and throw out all sorts of options.  

Mexican bowls are always a good, healthy option, and depending on if you are eating any carb-balanced diet plan, you can always remove the rice and go with double beans.  

I like to use brown rice, black beans, beef, guacamole, and either non-dairy cheese or a cheese-free option, just because I am watching my fat contents.

Tuna, whether canned, raw, or sashimi style, is always a great option that can also be paired with beans or just about any vegetable. Be careful with canned tuna if you are on any type of reduced sodium diet because the canned version is rich in sodium.  As I mentioned earlier, I watch my blood pressure, so I avoid the canned tuna because the sodium content can really mess me up.  Anything processed, for that matter, will do the same.  Read labels, and be careful.  

While I don't eat these exact meals every day, I do make sure that 2 of my 3 meals are really focused on a lean protein from the list above, some beans, which are great for testosterone, and high in fiber, and some vegetables.  It's really simple, and it's something my nutritionist friend promised would lead to weight loss, and it has!

Remember, while having a diet rich in these nutrients will definitely help your cause, it’s not considered a total solution for low T.  Always check with your Doctor for professional advice and know that while I’m an absolute savant on researching the human body and testosterone, your Doctor knows each and every one of your entire medical histories and what your body will accept and reject.



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